Assessment of the National Integrity System of Montenegro


Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector (MANS) has conducted research of the Montenegro’s national integrity system for the first time. The assessment of government authorities, state institutions and bodies involved in the fight against corruption, independent bodies, public and private enterprises, as well as civil society organizations and the media has been conducted in accordance with the methodology developed by Transparency International.

The assessment forms part of a regional project simultaneously implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Turkey, and supported by the European Union.

A great number of experts from government institutions, independent bodies and civil society organizations has contributed to this report through consultations and comments made during its preparation. Furthermore, colleagues from the Secretariat of Transparency International have provided guidance aimed at improving the content of the report.

In this respect, MANS owes a debt of gratitude to all who contributed to this report, hoping that the recommendations from this document will be accepted by all stakeholders and put into practice, as well.

Complete publication download HERE (PDF)

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