Basic State Prosecution today heard Executive Director of MANS Vanja Calovic


VanjaCalovicBasic State Prosecution in Podgorica today heard Executive Director of MANS Vanja Calovic, on suspicion of having committed a criminal offense violation of the secrecy of the proceedings, since she publicly shared information about the alleged health status of Branislav Micunovic, which she obtained in the trial of the Lottery and Jack pot against MANS.

MANS will submit the complaint to the Supreme State Prosecutor, Ivica Stankovic, against Ljiljana Klikovac, the Basic State Prosecutor in Podgorica for violation of law and fundamental human rights, in order to protect privacy of Branislav Micunovic.

The Micunovi’s lawyer in the Spring of 2013 delivered to the court medical documentation which introduced him unfit to testify in court proceedings that are Lottery and Jack pot unsuccessfully ran against MANS.

Within these documents were submitted and findings of neuropsychiatrist, doctor Borislav Mitric. He is the brother of Blagota Mitric, representative of the NGO UPIS, the majority of whose members – company engaged in lottery, are under the control of Branislav Micunovic. In addition, all the medical reports were issued by the same private health institution, “Codra”, which with Micunovic’S Lottery and TV 777,  has a permanent business cooperation.

It is particularly interesting that one of the documents submitted to the court was in English, although it was issued by the same Montenegrin medical institutions. So there was a reasonable suspicion that Micunovic prepared that documentation in order to free himself from the criminal prosecution or extradition to the competent authorities of Italy, who accuse him of organized crime.

At the request of MANS, the judge excluded findings of Mitric from the file, precisely because of these family and business connections, which bring into question the credibility of the neuropsychiatric findings.

Only after that Calovic publicly announced that the lawyer of Micunovic serves suspicious documents which indicate that Branislav Micunovic is “senile, confused old man who lives miserable”, and that he could not participate in any legal proceedings because he does not remember events from the past.

However, instead of the prosecution to examine whether was any abuse of the procedure for issuing such medical records, as well as to address the charges of Italian colleagues on criminal association, it has continued the practice of persecution of individuals who indicate on suspicion of persons indicted for organized crime.

This is not the first time that the same prosecutor, Ljiljana Klikovac brutally violates our rights and Montenegrin legislation, because she is the one who defended those who were buyers of ID cards, and instead of them she arrested for hearing the representatives of MANS, Vuk Maras. The prosecution earlier, in cooperation with the police, for years illegally wiretapped all employees of MANS, trying to protect the privacy of Safet Kalic and other drug lords who were with him and senior officials of the intelligence service at the well known wedding in the Balkans. This was confirmed and by a final court decision, and today the same prosecution decided to address the protection of privacy of Branislav Micunovic.

And this time is obviously a classic political process and fight of the system institutions that want to send a message to anyone that they can be prosecuted at any time for any reason, even verbal offense, especially if they dare to speak about jobs and illegal activities of persons indicted for organized crime.

This is supported by the fact that the statement for which today were interrogated Vanja Calovic was given in June 2013, and there is no reason that in such a simple case reconnaissance lasts for a period of up to two years. Moreover, for all that time prosecutor Klikovac ignored our written request to inform us about the charges of Calovic, contrary to the Criminal Procedure Code, the Constitution of Montenegro and European conventions for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Therefore MANS will submit a complaint to the Supreme  State Prosecutor, in order to make it familiar with potential violations and abuses by the Basic State Prosecutor, Ljiljana Klikovac, and we expect that on the basis of this example will show that it is really willing to make reforms and clear the prosecution of incompetent or corrupt staff.


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