Electoral register crowded with the deceased


In only a week MANS received from citizens information on 49 deceased voters who still have the right to vote

In only one week, citizens reported 49 deceased persons who are still in the electoral register through the MANS’s hotline.

MANS’s program for monitoring and analysis compared the data obtained from the citizens to the official registries on the basis of which electoral register is created, as well as with obituaries published in the daily “DAN”. The results show that 49 of the deceased citizens were not erased from the electoral register. It means that some of those people died years ago, but still have the right to vote.

Thus, for example, a voter S.S. from Bar, born on 7 August 1930 and died in 2012 is still in the electoral register in Bar, has a permanent residence at “Sotonici bb“ and the right to vote at the polling station „Youth Center Sotonici.” The situation is similar with his fellow citizen B. D, born on 7 August 1927, who also died in 2012, while still having an active residency at “Ratacka bb”. This person can exercise the right to vote on the polling station “Primary School Kekec – Sutomore”.

Similarly, a voter A.F. born on 23 February 1956 and passed away in 2012, remains in electoral register in Podgorica, with the residence in “Tuzi b.b” and the right to vote in “City Municipality Tuzi (formerly the elementary school “Mahmut Lekic”).” Another example is P.B, born on 28 February 1945, also died in 2012, but is in the electoral register in Berane, residing at “Luzac bb” and voting at the polling station “Luzac.” There are also other voters who passed away in 2012 and are found in the electoral register. Such examples are K.Z. from Mojkovac, residing at “Ravni bb” “and voting at “Bojna njiva”, or D.M. from Niksic, residing at “Duga bb” and votes at “Community Center Duga” and C.M. from Podgorica, residing in “Donji Kokoti bb” voting in the Primary School “Vlado Milic” Donja Gorica, regional unit Farmaci.” The same applies to voters V.B. and G.V. from Berane, P.J. from Niksic and M.S. from Bar, all died in 2012 and still registered in the electoral register.

As the year of death of citizens who have the right to vote is approaching the election year, the number of deceased voters in the electoral register is growing.

Voters that passed away in 2015, but still residing in Podgorica and enrolled in the electoral list, are B. R. born on 13 February 1923, residing at “Milana Kuca 8,” with the right to vote at “Community Center Jedinstvo” (big hall), P.D. born on 16 April 1936, residing in “Valtazara Bogisica bb” and voting in the Primary School “Vladimir Nazor”, and M.V. born on 11 April 1954, residing in “Gojka Radonjica 74” and voting at the polling station “Former facility of Telekom AD.” It is similar with M.B. born 15 May 1978, M.V. born 20 December 1950, N.D, born on 12 September 1953, P.L. born on 4 June 1937, B.V. born on 18 April 1949 and S.V. born on 15 October 1941, all died in 2015 and have active suffrage and registered residence on the territory of Podgorica. In addition, the city municipality of Golubovci, there are K.S. and R.R. in the electoral register, despite the fact that they passed away in 2015.

In the municipality of Niksic, there are voters who passed away in 2015, but are still in the electoral register. Those are P.R. born on 2 February 1966, residing in “Peka Pavlovica P+4” and voting at “Ribolovno drustvo” (Angling Society) and E.S. born on 10 March 1944, residing in “Kocanska bb” and voting at “Community center Kocani.” Other voters residing in Niksic and deceased in 2015, but still in the electoral register, are: R.V, V.R, C.M, J.M, M.J, G.J, P.B. and K. D.

Active voters who died during the 2015 in Bijelo Polje are N.M, S.R. and D.N, in Berane V.M, M.M. and M.N. There are persons who passed away in 2015 but remain active voters in Bar – D.M, in Budva – P.R, in Cetinje – R.G. and M.S, in Kotor – A.S, in Pluzine – C.B. and in Savnik – N.D.

There are also many examples in the case of persons deceased during 2016. Thus, still active voters are G.Z. from Podgorica, M. B. from Bar, V.R. from Berane, S.B. from Cetinje and many others.

The fact that the electoral register has a large number of deceased persons and that there many other manipulations that we have been able to prove despite the obstruction of the Ministry of Interior, shows that the register is very far from accurate and up to date and, as such, cannot contribute to free elections, says MANS.

MANS will report to the Ministry of Interior all the cases of deceased persons that they can prove and request their deletion from the electoral register, in order to prevent the abuse of their identity.

Out of the respect for the deceased citizens and their families, MANS did not publish their names but only their initials. Data on the death of these persons are publicly available to all Montenegrin citizens via daily press.

This text is created with the support of the European Union and the U.S. Embassy Podgorica. Network for Affirmation of Non-Governmental Sector – MANS is solely responsible for the contents of this article, and the views taken herein shall not in any case be considered as those of the European Union.

MANS appeals to citizens to report irregularities

MANS appeals to citizens to report all irregularities with regard to electoral register, including deceased persons who are in the register. Irregularities in the electoral register can be reported and eliminated no later than 5 October evening, because the register will be closed and then it is impossible to change anything before the election. Citizens can report irregularities on the telephones 020/266-326, 067/262-724, 069/446-094 (also via Viber) and on e-mail addresses mans@t-com.me and nvomans.sos@gmail.com.

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