Improving Parliamentary Oversight and Responsiveness in Montenegro


Today, MANS is launching a two-year project “Improving Parliamentary Oversight and Responsiveness in Montenegro,” supported by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). This project envisages monitoring the legislative and control activities of the Parliament of Montenegro and MPs, as well as improving communication with citizens.

MANS will monitor sessions of the Parliament and its working bodies, analyze data and regularly inform the public about the Parliament’s activities so as to ensure greater transparency of the work of that institution. This is particularly important at a time when the opposition boycotts the Parliament, so important, systemic laws are being amended without informing the public, and previously established practice of working bodies is being derogated.

MANS will help citizens and non-governmental organizations submit specific initiatives to the Parliament, and will especially focus on establishing new channels of communication that would facilitate citizens’ contact with their representatives as well as point them to the problems.

MANS will monitor the manner the Parliament uses its controlling power and oversees the work of the executive, and especially whether the adopted conclusions and recommendations which are binding for the Government are implemented. MANS will regularly publish all the information on the above in order to make it available to all MPs as well as citizens.

Aleksandar Mašković,
Analytic Programme Coordinator

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