Ministry of agriculture increased payments in the election period


In the pre-election period the Ministry of Agriculture increased the budget for subsidy payments to farmers in comparison to the non-election part of the year. So in the three election months the Ministry paid somewhat over €2 million for the subsidies, unlike the three non-election months preceding the announcement of the parliamentary elections when only €400,000 was paid for this purpose.

Subsidies are paid in accordance with the agricultural budget, which the Government of Montenegro adopts at the beginning of each year, and they serve as an incentive to the development of agriculture in the country.

According to the official data from the State Treasury, the Ministry of Agriculture granted subsidies to farmers in April and May 2016 which amounted to less than €400,000, whereas in June no payments were made.

MANS has no information how many subsidy payments were made in the first three months of 2016, since the documents from the State Treasury for the period in question were not provided in the required form, so the amount that was paid cannot be precisely determined.

In the three election months the Ministry of Agriculture paid a little more than two million for subsidies, out of which, in July 2016, it paid €417,000, in August €331,000, and in September as much as €1.3 million. In the first quarter of October, i.e. until the date of the parliamentary elections on October 16, an additional sum €48,000 was paid.

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