Press release on the occasion of the Agency’s decisions in the case of Goran Djurovic and Darko Ivanovic


The activities of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption in the case of Goran Djurovic and Darko Ivanovic show that this institution applies the law selectively and politically persecutes the non-governmental sector activists.

Instead of dealing with the officials who have become rich thanks to their public offices, the director of the Agency, Sreten Radonjic, tries to discipline the non-governmental sector.

This explains why acting on the anonymous complaints against Djurovic and Ivanovic is the priority in the work of the Agency, and not the enrichment of the former Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic or Svetozar Marovic, Miomir Mugosa, Branimir Gvozdenovic, Veselin Veljovic and the like.

 It is clear that the Democratic Party of Socialists is slowly losing control over the RTCG, so it is now trying to eliminate politically inadequate staff from the Council of the Public Service. It is obvious that DPS is preparing for the upcoming presidential election and is now trying to “clear up” the RTCG Council so as to make the public service its propaganda machine again.

The Agency, which has become a whip in the hands of the ruling structure for political confrontation with civil society, has been brutally abused in this process thanks to the director of this institution who has family ties with the Prime Minister Markovic, the Vice President of the DPS.

This brings shame on the Agency, and on Montenegro as a state, which will certainly suffer the consequences in the European integration process, because not only the concrete results in the fight against corruption have been missing, but the active persecution of the non-governmental activists who draw attention to the law violations is being continued.

Vanja Calovic Markovic
Member of the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption

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