Reaction to Gvozdenović statements


(Podgorica, 10 February 2013) – We didn’t expect Minister Gvozdenović to respond to the facts we presented with any concrete arguments, since we haven’t been used to such behaviour from him in the past. Instead of exhibiting responsible behaviour for a minister, Gvozdenović has again resorted to complaints about how “MANS doesn’t like him” and to conspiracy theories in which he presents himself as the central ‘innocent’ victim.

In this case, MANS has – as in every case until now – used only facts and information that we obtained form the Ministry of Sustainable Development. It is for this reason that we continue to insist that minister Gvozdenović should explain which procedures enabled the issuance of construction and use permits in such a cavalier fashion. It is base stupidity to suggest that MANS has it out for anyone. We emphasize that being accountable for one’s behaviour isn’t a matter of choice for Gvozdenović. It is actually his responsibility as a serving cabinet member, a responsibility that he obviously hasn’t taken seriously after all these years.

When we consider Gvozdenović’s curriculum vitae, it is understandable that it is difficult for him to be reminded of who he has worked for during his career – though this is a mirror that he’s going to have to face sooner or later.

The eventual judgement as to whether or not our suspicions about his ties to the Šarić brothers have a foundation or not, will be handed down by the relevant prosecutor. Minister Gvozdenović shouldn’t be nervous if he really did do everything according to the law (as he claims). Attacks on MANS will not help him lessen his own responsibility for the current state in Montenegro as it relates to spatial planning and construction.

Unfortunately for Minister Gvozdenović, MANS will continue to research and follow the work of all public officials for whom there exists any suspicion that they may have violated existing laws and regulations or who were corrupt and who maintained ties with members of organized crime groups.

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