Report on implementation of Action plan for chapter 23


The Action Plan for Chapter 23 contains a number of reforms in the judiciary, the fight against corruption and fundamental rights, and the government publishes semi-annual reports on its implementation.

Network for Affirmation of Non-Governmental Sector – MANS monitors the implementation of this Action Plan, with the financial support of the European Commission and the British Embassy in Podgorica.

Through this report, we want to provide the public with objective and accurate information on the implementation of the reforms outlined in the Action Plan. From barely comprehensible official documents and the abundance of information, we have tried to isolate and analyze those that are of importance for the evaluation of the implementation of specific measures, but also to see behind statistics of state bodies.

This report is prepared on the basis of documentation we received from state authorities on the basis of the Law on Free Access to Information, as well as the information contained in the reports of state institutions, international organizations and NGOs.

The report provides an overview of the implementation of 626 reforms envisaged by the Action Plan and related Operating Document for the Prevention of Corruption in the Areas Exposed to Special Risk. The document follows the structure of the Action Plan, so the first chapter contains information on the reforms in the judiciary, while the second contains the data on the fight against corruption. The third part is an overview of planned and implemented reforms in the area of ​​fundamental rights, and the last provides information on the measures relating to the cooperation of the government and the NGO sector.

All the collected documents used for the preparation of the report, as well as detailed information on individual indicators for each measure are available on the MANS’s website:

We owe special gratitude to the following non-governmental organizations for their contribution in compiling this report: Human Rights Action, Civic Alliance, Institute Alternative, NGO Coalition Cooperation to the Goal, Women’s Safe House, Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, Association Parents, Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro, Center for Civic Education, Center for Democratic Transition, Center for Women’s Rights, Center for Female and Peace education – Anima, Center for Monitoring and Research, Center for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations and Queer Montenegro.

  • Complete report download HERE (PDF)

This report is created with the support of the European Union and the British Embassy in Podgorica. The views taken herein shall not in any case be considered as those of the donors.

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