Report on parliamentary elections 2016


This report is the result of a months-long effort MANS devoted so as to contribute to better implementation of the election legislation, increase the transparency of election financing, improve the electoral register and detect and prosecute cases of political corruption.

MANS monitored the implementation of the electoral laws during 2016 parliamentary election under the project supported by the European Union and the United States Embassy.

MANS monitored whether institutions complied with the new obligations stipulated by the Law on Financing of Political Parties, and regularly published information on the pre-election spending in the budget. In cases where the institutions did not proactively published information, MANS requested the information on the basis of the Law on Free Access to Information and filed initiatives against them.

MANS examined suspicious payments and collected detailed information so as to determine if there had been possible misuses of public funds for electoral purposes. MANS also monitored and reported illegal employment in the pre-election period, especially in the state administration and local governments.

MANS examined the reports of political parties on the sources of funds and the election campaign costs, and requested financial documentation for specific deposits and withdrawals.

MANS provided legal assistance to citizens who reported cases of political corruption and asked for information about their rights. MANS investigated specific cases in more detail, filing initiatives and complaints.

MANS examined the electoral register and other databases on the basis of which the status of voters was changed and submitted initiatives to remove illegally registered voters from the register.

MANS monitored sessions of the key institutions involved in implementation of the electoral laws, such as the State Election Commission and a special Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro. We analyzed the work of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption and Special State Prosecutor to which MANS submitted complaints and initiatives.

Complete report download HERE (PDF)

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