Support to mothers’ fight for acquired rights!


MANS supports the legitimate demands of mothers protesting in defense of their right to compensation on the basis of the birth of three children. It is inappropriate and impertinent policy of the executive power, which, for the umpteenth time, is unconstitutionally attacking the most vulnerable, while selflessly discarding the state funds and property and filling pockets of tycoons, controversial businessmen and criminals.

The latest decision of the government to deny the mothers of Montenegro the mentioned right is another proof that the Prime Minister Dusko Markovic continues with the policy of his predecessor Milo Djukanovic, so that the citizens of Montenegro, especially the most vulnerable categories, continue to pay the price for the government and its associated tycoons’ corrupt behavior.

This is not the first time that the government reaches deeper into the citizens’ pockets, this time Montenegrin mothers’, to cover the corrupt dealings. The citizens have paid guarantees for loans granted to companies that survived the transition through the introduction of illegal taxis, ranging from the law euro by euro to the famous regulation which introduced the tax on fuel in order to fill the holes in the budget.

This time, through its obedient majority in the parliament, they have adopted amendments to the law which unconstitutionally retroactively repeal the rights of mothers. The holes in the budget should be filled by seizure of illegally acquired assets from relatives, godparents and friends of the top of the executive authority, and not from the most vulnerable categories, this time mothers. Therefore, the executives should take responsibility for their bad policies, rather than hiding behind a cordon of policemen that defend their unconstitutional decisions.


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