It is necessary to condemn and put to an end discrediting of the fighters against corruption


SEEChangeNETFoundation of Networks for Change of South East Europe (SEE Change Net) and civil society organizations in the region that are part of the Strategy for Sustainable Energy for South East Europe (SEE SEP), strongly condemn the filthy media campaign against the Executive Director of MANS Vanja Calovic, which continuously carries out daily newspaper Informer.

Dirty campaign against Vanja Calovic and MANS is another proof that, unfortunately, some media allow themselves bias and public persecution of people who are openly fighting against corruption and irregularities in the political system.

By publishing abusive or sexualized scenes is compromised the personal and professional integrity of a member of the society, who, as it is well known, dedicated to the fight against corruption, and that should be strongly condemned. This is the second time that Informer attacks Vanja Calovic, and this time after a report on the progress of Montenegro, which states that the European Commission requests investigation of all allegations of electoral irregularities, and if necessary, their prosecution by competent authorities. It is also expressed concern about the pressures on civil society, which is exactly on what MANS warned in the results of its research.

MANS is a partner organization in the regional project Sustainable Energy Strategy for South East Europe (SEE SEP), which is involved in the creation of case studies related to corruption in the Montenegrin energy sector for a recently published report Winners and Losers: Who benefits from corruption at high levels of decision-making in the energy sector in South East Europe?

Civil society organizations who put their signatures strongly support the position and work of MANS, as a non-governmental organization who dedicated years of work pointing on the corruption and irregularities in the political system and the political practice of Montenegro, and they hope that the authorities will respond promptly and adequately to end such attempts of discrediting individuals who are dedicated in achieving transparency and the rule of law.

Network changes in South Eastern Europe (SEE Change Net), Bosnia and Herzegovina
EDEN (Environmental Center for Development, Education and Networking), Albania
Ekolevizja, Albania
Center for Public Interest Advocacy, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Centre for Environment, Bosnia and Herzegovina
DOOR, Croatia
Forum for Freedom in Education, Croatia
ATRC (Advocacy Training and Resource Center), Kosovo
Analytica, Macedonia
Eco-Svest, Macedonia
Front 21/42, Macedonia
Green Home, Montenegro
CEKOR, Serbia
Fractal, Serbia

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