Documentation of a secret account of Marovic submitted to the SSP


svetozar_marovic-cin_0MANS today submitted to the Supreme State Prosecutor complete documentation relating to property of Marovic family on  secret account abroad, for which there is a reasonable suspicion that is acquired in an unlawful manner.

Specifically, Svetozar Marovic has not reported in any official statement of income  and property of his family the existence of $ 3.8 million in the account in a Swiss bank HSBC,  although he is obligated to that by the Law on conflict of interest. Marovic, according to that Law, was required to report any change in income or assets of more than five thousand euros, and also a huge amount on behalf of his wife, Djordjina Marovic, because he also had the authority to access that account.

On the other hand, the data on his official income, as well as income of his wife, and also  real estate owned by them, lead to the conclusion that that money could not come from legal sources, but it is a matter of unlawful enrichment.

Bearing in mind that Svetozar Marovic for years occupied a high public functions, we requested from the Supreme Public Prosecutor to urgently proceed initiate for investigation and to determine the origin of the money.

The data we obtained relate to the statement on a secret account only for the period of 2006/2007, so we requested from the SSP to examine all transactions through this account, specifically who did and on what basis deposited the money, how these funds are acquired and where they are now.

From today’s response of Svetozar Marovic is clear that he has no intention to cooperate with the prosecution and to explain the origin of huge property, but he tries to hide behind empty demagoguery and insults, such as he used to do in the case of Zavala.

We therefore urge the SSP to immediately initiate an investigation of all financial transactions made through the account in the Swiss bank, but also to determine whether the family Marovic has more secret accounts abroad, how much money is on them, and how it was acquired.

We believe that the prosecution of this case will be of particular importance and for the process of European integration of Montenegro, bearing in mind the requirements of European Commission to criminalize illicit enrichment of public officials and to provide concrete results in the fight against corruption at a high level. Therefore, an effective and legitimate investigation of this case is of the great importance to the public interest, and we expect that the new SSP will ensure that this process is not stretched for years, regardless of the fact that in question is a senior official of the ruling party. This case is a test of independence and the ability of the new SSP, and we are ready to provide expertise and technical assistance in its prosecution process.

Vanja Calovic
Executive Director

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