Judicially proved repression of the police and prosecution against MANS


indexThe High Court in Podgorica legally confirmed that the security service for years illegally, unconstitutionally, and contrary to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, monitored internet communication of MANS which resulted in the violation of personal rights of our employees.

Thus, it is legally confirmed that the repression of prosecution and the police for years geared toward those who discover corruption and organized crime, and that the Montenegrin security services roughly exceeded and abused their legal authorities in order to find out who discovered and publicly released a video in which it is clear that its members privately rejoice at the wedding of drug boss Safet Kalic.

MANS, in the court proceeding, proved that the police and prosecution continuously since May of 2010 applied illegal measures toward all employees of MANS, starting from unlawful interrogation of Veselin Bajceta and Vanja Calovic, continuing with illegal monitoring of internet communication, although none of employed was under any official investigation, nor against any of them  was initiated criminal procedure.

Also, in a court proceeding has been proven that the state apparatus repression was directed to employees of the NGO in order to protect interests of drug boss Safet Kalic and his accomplices and close friends which are public officials, rather than being focused on disclosure of the obvious connection between the structure of organized crime and the executive branch.

Due to such illegal conduct of police and prosecution, drug boss Safet Kalic left Montenegro undisturbed and his arrest had to carry out countries where the fight against drug trafficking, supervision and monitoring of criminals is responsibility of competent service, not the civilian sector.

In an effort to find out who has publicly announced the close ties of state officers and this “fair guy,” which for years was close business associate with executive authority, the police very effectively used international legal aid and contacts, and thus very quickly and effectively revealed that the recording of Safet Kalic’s wedding was published from the Internet address of MANS. So the police abused and international cooperation presenting that it is investigating drug boss Safet Kalic, but in essence just taking actions to determine who discovered Kalic’s connections with the security services of Montenegro.

On the other hand, it is well known that by various obstructions and manipulation the international cooperation is not used in cases where should obtain evidence of corruption of the highest level in the executive branch, such as the case with the affair Telekom where international legal aid should reveal the role of the sister of Prime minister in corruption.

MANS invites the state institutions, primarily the State Prosecutor’s Office to discontinue the practice of illegal repression against those who reveal corruption and organized crime, and to stop protection of corruption and crime actors. We also urge the public prosecution that those responsible for abuse of many years , which is now confirmed by final judgment, adequately process, and to direct repression against those they are allowed to use it under the law. Because of the violation of personality rights the High Court to every employee in MANS awarded compensation for pecuniary damages in the amount of 500 euros.


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