Press release regarding the judgment of the Basic Court in Podgorica


VladimirBebaPopovicFollowing the judgment of the Basic Court in Podgorica after complaints of Vladimir Beba Popovic, I submit the following statement:

The verdict of the Judge Milica Vlahovic does not deserve a different comment except that it is a shame and that is a reason that every elementary honest citizen of Montenegro is ashamed of  Montenegrin judiciary. For that reason I will in a legal framework file an appeal against this judgment to the High Court in order this Court to take a position on unfounded, unreasonable, and unclear demands of Vladimira Beba Popovic.

I recall that the Judge Vlahovic at the very beginning of the trial herself sought from the President of the Court to exclude her from this case. Therefore, at the beginning of the trial she actually admitted that she is not able to make a lawful decision in this dispute, but the President of the Court left her to sit in the case. Given the extremely primitive appearance of Vladimir Beba Popovic before a court, when he said that his preparation for the last hearing was such that he along with a lawyer visited twisted porn sites and checked whether there is still posted a clip that he forwards to everyone, obviously the judge Vlahovic feared that the refusal of his request she could be in a position to be the next victim of a smear campaign inspired on some of these sites.

The verdict of the Judge Vlahovic further confirmed by whose order Vladimir Beba Popovic participated in the dirtiest campaign in this region with an attempt of defamation of Vanje Calovic and MANS just because they discover corruption and crime of his principal and personal friends at the top of the executive branch. In this way, the judge Vlahovic continued smear campaign and the violation of basic human rights, clearly showing that the judgment was made in the interest of Vladimir Beba Popovic and top of executive branch behind the campaign that hired Popovic as a performer in the field.

How much the judgment of the Judge Vlahovic is legal and professional perhaps the best is shown by her reference to the Law on Copyright and related rights, in the part in which is provided a rationale for the conclusion that Vladimir Beba Popovic’s personal rights have been violated by the statement that he posted the controversial video on the Internet. So the Judge Milica Vlahovic purposlly made video used for brutal attacks and insinuations against Vanja Calovic declared copyright of Vladimir Beba Popovic, probably fearing that otherwise she is not be the subject of a similar “copyright works”.

Finally, from the judiciary managed by Vesna Medenica and in which Judicial Council is mainly formed by the proved soldiers of the ruling party, it is hard to expect that it will protect human rights and will act lawfully in such cases. The courts that have managed by Medenica have a  task to protect “copyrights” of Vladimir Beba Popovic and their common principal from the top of the executive branch, who allocated theirs roles and functions.

Veselin Radulovic

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