Key achievements in 2016


We revealed 45 cases of high level corruption, mainly related to privatization and energy, and reported them to prosecution in over 90 criminal appeals and through more than 60 investigative stories published in media.

Top managers of the national power supply company were arrested due to MANS investigation of money embezzling scheme through consultancy contracts worth 15 million of euros.

Links between cocaine cartel and public institutions, and money laundering through local banks and off shore companies were revealed in documentary that was broadcasted at television network with national frequency.

MANS obtained more than 8.000 public documents upon over 25.000 requests for information, over three times more than in the previous year. We shaped favorable institutional and judicial practices with nearly 80% of decisions upon complaints and 97% of court decisions in our favor.

Nearly 1200 citizens were provided with free legal assistance to report corruption and election irregularities or obtain information from public institutions.

Institutions published three times more information on their expenditures in pre-election period following MANS monitoring, compared to the beginning of the election campaign.

At least 2,000 illegally enrolled voters were removed from the Voter Registry, on the basis of our initiatives.

Information on over 95% of reforms planned by the Action Plan for Chapter 23 of the Acquis is available in one comprehensive, accurate online source.

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