Press Release regarding the decision of APC


The decision of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption (APC) to impose misdemeanor punishment to DPS is another in a series of unconvincing attempts to relieve DPS President Milo Đukanović, who has already confessed that he was aware of the illegal financing of the party, of any legal and political responsibility. Under the evident pressure of the international and domestic public, APC turned to manipulation, by which it is trying to shift all responsibility to Slavoljub Stijepović and several activists.

The thesis that Mr. Stijepović worked “behind the back” of the party leadership is ridiculous. First, according to his office and pursuant to the Statute of DPS, Đukanović had to be informed in what way the party was financed. Second, more importantly, he himself proved that he was very well informed in what way DPS was financed. In response to Duško Knežević’s allegations, Đukanović publicly confessed that Knežević made donations to the party, but did not disclose the amount. Also, Đukanović said that other businessmen, driven by the “interest voluntariness” have also donated his party, which is all properly recorded in DPS headquarters, while for the state bodies they are compiling “the kind of report that these state authorities ask for”.

Not even Đukanović’s confession is sufficient for APC and its director to examine the existence of other similar donations; instead, they are trying to cover up the entire affair with a misdemeanor punishment, relieving Đukanović and the leadership of DPS of any responsibility.

However, the key issue is the criminal responsibility of Đukanović and his accomplices. In other words, it is up to the State Prosecutor’s Office to examine the origin of finances as well as other criminal offenses in the area of violation of electoral rights. Therefore, we urge the Chief Special Prosecutor to finally hear Djukanovic and open a serious investigation into the financing of DPS.

Danilo Kalezić
Coordinator of the Parliamentary Programme

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