Criminal complaint against the Director of APC for abuse of official position  



Tomorrow, MANS will submit a criminal complaint to the competent State Prosecutor’s Office against the Director of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption (ASK), Jelena Perović, due to the suspicion that she abused her official position in order to obtain benefit for herself and others.

MANS Investigative Centre discovered that the Director of APC made an illegal decision regarding the use of the motor pool of that institution by assigning to herself and her assistant two passenger vehicles owned by the Agency, for permanent use (24 hours).

This decision was made contrary to the Government’s Regulation on the conditions and manner of using vehicles owned by Montenegro, which prescribes which public officials can have the privilege of permanent use of state-owned vehicles. They are certainly not the Director of APC, and much less is her assistant, thus, there is a well-founded suspicion that the disputed decision was made with the aim of obtaining unlawful benefit.

The official documentation also showed that the motor pool of the Agency, including the BMW that Perović made available to her, is being used contrary to the government regulation.

Finally, in their response to the MANS’ investigative story, the representatives of the Agency neither denied a single fact that we presented, nor did they take the opportunity to provide answers that they are obliged to announce to the public.

This certainly cannot be replaced by vague attempts to place suspicions of another violation of the law in the context of the alleged campaign that MANS is conducting against Director Perović. This further demeans the already shaken credibility of the institution that should be the first line of defense against corruption and violations of the law, especially when it comes to public officials.


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