Abazović’s latest fabrications instead of a straight answer as to who concealed the data and why


The documentation on payments from the budget reserve, in which the recipients of the funds are concealed, was downloaded from the website of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption (APC), and everyone can see for themselves that Abazović’s accusations that MANS changed the government documents on their own are pure fabrications.

We are not surprised that the Prime Minister, faced with criticism of his work due to continuous concealment of data on how citizens’ money is spent, is using parlour trick to once again deceive the public.

Data on spending of the entire state budget during the pre-election period, not only budget reserves, is consolidated by the APC in a manner that it receives decisions spending from state institutions, and then publishes them on its website.

That data was also used by MANS in its analysis, precisely due to the fact that it was submitted to APC by the competent Ministry of Finance as an obligation stemming from the Law on Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns. It is to be assumed that the Ministry of Finance knew in what form the data on budget spending are available on the APC’s website, and that the data on the beneficiary of the budget funds were hidden from the public.

In any case, it would be good for the Ministry of Finance and APC to agree on who redacted the document and when, in order for the citizens of Montenegro to have full information on why the document in which data on budget payments are concealed was published.

On the other hand, when it comes to the “most transparent Government” as the Prime Minister Abazović calls it, it would be good if he could explain to us what is hidden behind the payments from the budget reserve that were made in the period from May 15 to 21 this year.

In the document published by the Ministry of Finance, the purpose of the payment, the account and program from which the payment was made, to whom the funds were paid and, finally, the amount paid to an unknown supplier, are concealed. And while it is understandable that some information must be kept secret for security reasons, it is fascinating that none of the mentioned data are available to the citizens of Montenegro.

These payments are only part of a total of 160 individual transactions that the administration of the Prime Minister Abazović concealed from the Montenegrin public in the period March-April alone. It is completely clear that it is a matter of taking over the worst practices of the previous government, and no fabrication of the Prime Minister and his associates or their attempt to deceive the public can hide that fact.



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