MANS’ service for support in access to information


Access to accurate and verified information is one of the necessary prerequisites for responsible journalism, dedicated to the common good and public interest. Every day, Montenegro faces numerous challenges when it comes to disinformation and fake news, as well as access to official information held by state institutions.

Complex administrative procedures for exercising the right to free access to information can particularly demotivate journalists whose editorial staff does not have enough resources to legally implement all these procedures to the end.

For many years, MANS has maintained a support service for citizens, media and other social actors interested in gaining access to information that is held by some state institutions. A few years ago, in response to the COVID19 crisis, we introduced an application for smart mobile phones (Android and iOS operating systems) that enabled users to send requests for information in a simpler way and receive a response to them.

Now we continue providing that service for journalists as part of the #SustainMedia programme implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ, DW Akademie and Internews, with the financial support of the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

In the following year, with the support of the aforementioned partners, MANS will continue to provide Montenegrin journalists with legal and logistical assistance in accessing information that is held by state institutions. The so-called Service of free access to information (SPI service) includes assistance when submitting requests and receiving responses from competent institutions, but also conducting all legal procedures in cases where institutions do not provide information, in accordance with the law.

Therefore, MANS invites Montenegrin journalists to use one of the communication channels and submit a request for free access to information, and we will do our best to get the requested data and documents.

The SPI service can be accessed through our “Ask the Institutions” smartphone application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, or by scanning the code at the end of this text.

The request can also be submitted by filling out the form on the web platform or directly to the mail of our operators

The use of official, verified information, whether it is daily reporting or investigative journalism, is an irreplaceable tool in the fight against corruption and a powerful ally in the democratization of a society.

Journalism without facts is just propaganda!



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