Report on the financing of parliamentary elections in Montenegro 2023


MANS monitored the financing of the campaign for the extraordinary parliamentary elections that were announced on March 17 and held on June 11, 2023. 15 electoral lists participated in those elections, and during the election campaign, MANS monitored their activities and collected data on rallies, promotional videos and v arious materials. In particular, we monitored TV stations with national frequency and collected information on the advertising of each electoral list. We also collected advertisements from print media, as well as information about advertising on certain social media platforms.


We also collected the official reports of electoral lists on the election
campaign financing, analysed them and compared them with the data
obtained through monitoring in order to identify hidden expenses. We
investigated the largest suppliers in the campaign and their connections to
electoral lists.

This document contains an analysis of official data on campaign revenues
and expenses of each electoral list. It indicates the possible hiding of
certain expenses and provides evidence that confirms their existence.

A special part of the report is devoted to the analysis of paid and free media
advertising of electoral lists, both by public and commercial broadcasters.

During the election campaign, we monitored the spending of state
institutions, in particular the short-term employment. We collected
information on the expenses of all state bodies and compared them with
the expenses in the same period of the previous year, as well as with the
planned spending dynamics. That information is presented in a separate
section of the report.

Based on the observed irregularities, we submitted reports to the
competent Agency for Prevention of Corruption, thus, a separate part of this
document deals with the practice of that institution.

Detailed data on official revenues and expenses of all electoral lists,
as well as on public spending during the election campaign, are available at

The report was prepared thanks to the financial support of the National Endowment for Democracy, but the opinions and statements presented in it do not necessarily reflect the views of the donors

You can read complete report here.

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