MANS: Criminal case launched over Duško Golubović’s property


The State Prosecutor Vukas Radonjić confirmed that a criminal case was opened in the Special State Prosecutor’s Office regarding the documentation submitted by the MANS Investigative Centre.

In response to MANS’ inquiry, Radonjić also stated that this case had already been assigned to work, and that the inquest procedure was initiated.

​After publishing the investigative story on the properties of the family of the former intelligence officer and member of the Police Directorate, Duško Golubović, MANS submitted the complete obtained documentation to the Special State Prosecutor’s Office. The documentation contained contracts on the purchase of real estate, invoices on the acquisition of several motor licenses, as well as data on the construction of a luxury residential and commercial building in Gornja Gorica settlement.

Data obtained by MANS during this investigation show that the family of Duško Golubović spent over one million euros on the purchase of several properties and luxury vehicles over a period of ten years. On the other hand, Golubović claimed that he had acquired all the property legally and with the help of his family, and that he had never been involved in criminal activities.

Let us remind that MANS discovered that Luka Golubović, elder son of Duško Golubović, as a 20-year-old student, signed several contracts for the purchase of vehicles and real estate worth close to 200,000 euros during 2013.

In the period until 2021, the Golubovic family bought several valuable properties and luxury vehicles, including a BMW X4 that was paid 57,000 euros and a Porsche Macan, worth 78,000 euros.

Investigating the origin of the property of officials and persons connected to them, especially those in the judiciary and the security sector, still remains one of the biggest challenges when it comes to fight against corruption and organized crime, but also a step that must not be skipped if we want to achieve sustainable reforms of the mentioned sectors.




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