Criminal code of Montenegro


Trafficking in human beings, most often women, for the purpose of sexual exploitation is one of the gravest offences of modern times.

Given the difficulties in proving such crimes, and the lack of willingness and capacities of competent authorities to tackle this problem, so far Montenegro has not recorded major achievements in fight against human trafficking.

In addition, due to a deficient legal framework there has been no serious sanctioning of the perpetrators neither in the cases when women were “voluntarily” sexually exploited.

With this Report, the Safe Home for Women attempts to respond to the question of how to
make rapid progress and move from a standstill to ensure better protection of women, both those in Montenegro and those suffering from sexual exploitation in our country and
originating from other countries.

The Safe Home for Women offered both the amendments to the Criminal Code for better penal policy, and a set of measures to produce tangible practical outcomes.

Complete report you may download HERE (PDF)

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