The Thermal Power Plant Case


This Report is produced within the framework of the project implemented by six nongovernmental organisations: the Network for the Affirmation of the Nongovernmental Sector (MANS), the Safe Home for Women, Mogul, Stečajci u Crnoj Gori (Workers from Bankrupt Companies in Montenegro), Breznica, and the Youth Association of Montenegro.

Within the framework of the project, the NGO Breznica is monitoring the implementation of the Free Access to Information Law (FAI Law) by the state authorities responsible for environmental protection, as well as the actions taken by the responsible institutions to protect the environment and public health in Pljevlja.

This Report contains the information on general geographic and climate features of the Municipality of Pljevlja, on the Thermal Power Plant (TPP) and the industrial waste it generates, as well as the TPP impact on the environment and public health. The Report also provides the information on the procedures instigated by the NGO Breznica before the responsible institutions, as well as the data on the transparency of institutions responsible for providing information on the thermal power plant operation.

Some of the data for drafting this report were collected based on the information gathered from 12 state institutions, obtained through the requests filed under the FAI Law. Other data were obtained from the official documents on the state of the environment posted on the websites of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism, the analyses provided by relevant nongovernmental organisations in Montenegro, from the press and other online sources, and in direct communication with health experts who wished to remain anonymous.

Complete report you may download HERE (PDF)

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