Key achievements in 2014.


Improved legal framework on voters’ registry, election and political party financing, with increased transparency, strengthened complaint procedures and oversight mechanisms, and reduced opportunities for misuses of public funds and voter registries.

The European Commission requested institutions to investigate and, where necessary, prosecute allegations surrounding the municipal elections, following our advocacy campaign based on over 11.500 election irregularities related to misuses of public funding, voter registry and the Election Day, identified and reported to institutions.

The Parliament of Montenegro used more control mechanisms to hold the government accountable, and acted upon our four initiatives. Revealed links between members of the Government of Montenegro and organized crime structures and money laundering schemes through government loans provided to companies owned by organized crime.

Police and prosecution initiated investigations for money laundering and tax evasion in construction and real estate market following our investigations and criminal complaints.

Improved legal framework on conflict of interest of public officials, whistleblower protection, composition and competences of the Agency for Fight against Corruption, after our proposals for the new Law on Prevention of Corruption were adopted.

More than 750 citizens used our free legal aid to report corruption, which is over 50% more than in the previous year. Improved access to public information by submission of more than 15.000 requests for which we obtained responses in every third case; over 6.000 complaints with over 90% decisions in our favor; and 160 complaints to the Court with over 60% of decisions in favor of transparency.

Information on 180 privatized companies was made accessible to public, following extensive data collection and strategic litigation, through field events, presentation to high level stakeholders and online. Five local NGOs are able to monitor implementation of laws and policies relevant for the fight against corruption and advocate for improvements, due to our capacity building and mentoring.

More than 70 businesses participated in discussions on the new Law on Public Procurement through consultative events organized by MANS.

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